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Hey you! I'm Briar Fontaine Parkinson of "Parky's Sportraits," where I specialize in a sports focused portrait photography. I am based in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and available for travel. If you are seeking a fun, enjoyable and inspired experience, you have come to the right place! I live in beautiful Southern Humboldt where the weather is beautiful, and there is no lack of amazing locations and light.

I am not only a girl with a camera, but also a hustling momma of two. Nothing teaches you to cherish moments more than watching time fly! My children are 7 and 6, and they are often times my source of inspiration. I quickly learned that photographs are the most precious things we have, so I encourage clients to capture everything! So much can change so quickly.

Being a momma also taught me the importance of hard work. I'm the kind of girl who is dedicated to learning and improving my skill at every opportunity. I am fortunate to have learned the skill of manipulating natural and off camera light to create stunning and vibrant images that are as inspiring as the people I get to work with. I believe in a creating a comfortable, laid back and fun experience in all of Seniors, Picture Day, and Sportraits sessions through creativity, laughter, and a little bit of magic.

If you're looking for a fun and fresh on camera experience, I'd love to chat with you over coffee to hear about your big ideas! You can inquire about a consultation through my contact page or at I look forward to getting to know you, and being a part of this amazing season in your life.

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My days on the court

Let me tell you about the love of my life (before I met my husband and had my kids.) We met at age 12. As soon as I felt that leather ball on my fingertips, I was hooked. And the sound of the swish of a perfect shot going through the net was the best sound on earth. I spent HOURS on the basketball court. After practice, before and after dinner. I would challenge my dad to a free throw contest after dinner ever night. Whoever lost would have to do the dishes. He knew he would lose, but he participated anyway. He got so tired of rebounding for me that he built me a net that would return the ball for me.

I am a very shy person naturally, but when I played on the basketball court, I turned into a different person. I remember my college coach one time asking me, "What do they feed you guys in California?" I played with every ounce of heart I had, and left it all on the floor. It was my identity for years, and when my playing career ended after college, I continued my passion through coaching. What I loved most was teaching life's lessons. Any coach can teach the X's and O's, but not all can or are willing to teach the things that really mater. The things that carry over into real life, like never giving up despite the oddshaving a good attitude even when you are losing, being a team player and so many more.

When I wasn't playing on the court, I was reading about it. A lot has changed since then,I have two kids of my own, but I still love sports and what they can teach us. Anytime I walk onto a court a flood of memories come back, and now that passion and heart have transferred over to my photography business. I love it. It consumes me. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I have made many mistakes, but have learned something valuable from everyone of them and that is what matters.   I am committed to becoming the best I can be. I am committed to growth and learning and perfecting my craft. My time isn't spent on the court anymore, it is spent on the computer: learning, editing, and sharing, and out in the world shooting sportraits and team pictures.

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